Scarves, bandanas and neck warmers no longer classed as face coverings

A new ministerial decree that brings into law the measures agreed at Friday’s meeting of the Consultative Committee also states that scarves, neck warmers and bandana’s will no longer be considered as face coverings. This means that those wearing them to cover their mouth and nose, for example on public transport, rather than a mask could be fined 250 euro for breaching the coronavirus measures.

The ministerial decree follows the advice that has been given by the Risk Assessment Group (RAG) since the beginning of last week. Previously, scarves, bandanas and neck warmers were considered adequate as face covering in the places where people are required to cover their mouth and nose. However, this came about due to the shortage of face covering masks that was an issue early in the coronavirus crisis. Since then face covering masks have become plentifull.

The ministerial decree was published in the State Journal earlier on Sunday and as such is now the law of the land. A face covering is described as “A mask without a ventilation channel, made of fabric or disposable material that fits tightly to the face and covers the nose, mouth and chin and is intended to prevent infection when people are in contact with each other”.

The RAG’s recommendation that face coverings should be worn at all times by people in offices does not appear in the ministerial decree. The government is leaving a decision on this to the employers’ federations and the trade unions.


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