Yorick Jansens

Fresh snow and traffic misery for commuters on Monday morning

Sub-zero temperatures during the night combined with a few extra centimetres of fresh snow made for dangerous conditions on roads at a number of locations across our region on Monday morning. The treacherous road conditions were reflected in the number of jams on Flemish motorways and trunk roads during Monday morning’s rush hour. At one point the Flemish Traffic Centre counted jams with a total length of 200km. This level of rush hour congestion has rarely been seen since the start of the coronavirus crisis last March. 

During Sunday night between 1 and 3 centimetres of fresh snow fell. The Royal Meteorological Institute has issued a Code Yellow warning for slippery conditions that is valid for the entire country. Teams of gritters have been out in force and the main roads and motorways are free of snow. In Flanders 1,300 tonnes of salt was used by gritter teams during Sunday night. Water from snow that has melted and then refrozen means that we need to be on guard for patches ice on roads, pavements and pathways.

Snow showers are forecast for the rest of the day and the Flemish Highways and Traffic Agency warns that this could create extra danger on the roads.

During the next few hours, the surface temperature of the roads will fall still further. Gritter teams will continue to treat the roads throughout the day and where necessary clear snow.


Yorick Jansens

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