No trains between Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas on Monday morning

The winter weather caused disruption on one of the country’s busiest rail line on Monday morning. Frozen signals meant that no services were able to run on the Antwerp to Ghent main line between Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders). One of the frozen signals was at the East Flemish village of Melsele, while the other was near to Antwerp Berchem Railway station.


Speaking on Monday morning Thomas Baeken of the rail infrastructure management company Infrabel told VRT News that "Our teams are looking at how this can be resolved as quickly as possible”. 

Mr Baeken added that teams of Infrabel engineers are on hand to intervene where necessary to ensure that trains continue to run during the cold snap. 

However, "Unfortunately the snow on the roads is causing a lot of problems and it isn’t always easy for them to get where they want to go. As soon as a team arrives it shouldn’t be too long before the issues are resolved”, Mr Baeken said.  

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