“UK vaccinates 1,000 per MINUTE. No comment”

The CEO of Brussels University Hospital (UZ Brussels) has posted a Tweet in which he compares the coronavirus vaccination programme in Belgium with that in the UK. There more than 12 million people have already received at least 1 dose of coronavirus vaccine, while here in Belgium just under 330,000 people have been given their first dose. 

In the tweet that contains a retweet of an article that appeared in the online version of the British daily ‘The Times’, Dr Marc Noppen writes “The UK vaccinates 1,000 people per minute and we “are on schedule”.

The authorities in the UK started their vaccination programme in early December. Since then, around 12 million people have already been given a first dose of coronavirus vaccine, meanwhile over half a million people there have already receive their second dose. The UK Government hopes that 30 million people (the majority of the adult population) will have vaccinated within three months. In the article shared by Dr Noppen on Twitter ‘The Times’ writes that around 1,000 people per minute in the UK.

The situation is very different in Belgium. Around a month and a half into the vaccination campaign here. In Brussels 2.13% of the population has been given a first dose of coronavirus vaccine. Flanders and Wallonia are doing slightly better. In Flanders 3.86% of the adult population has been given a first dose, while in Wallonia this is 3.42%. The figure for the country as a whole is 328,623. 93,303 people in Belgium have already received a second dose of coronavirus vaccine. 

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