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Anyone for surfing at -5°C?

A dusting of snow still covers Flemish beaches in some spots and it’s bitterly cold with a nasty easterly blowing, but still some enthusiasts are taking to the waves with their surfboard.  Amazing!

Kamiel Deraeve hails from the resort of Oostduinkerke (West Flanders).  The 9-year-old is a real surfing addict and even in this weather with temperatures in the North Sea of -5°C he decided to set out.

“It’s a great feeling” he told our reporter.   Kamiel inherited his enthusiasm for surfing from his father.  “Yes, even in these freezing conditions I’m in the sea.  I have to because my son drags me out!  You can take the cold.  Today’s suits protect you really well.  The material and lining of wetsuits is relatively thick.”

“My son is only 9 and he’s already a better surfer than me.  It’s his passion.  His commitment is total and that means you automatically improve. He surfs all year round and is in sea even in these cold temperatures.”

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