Speeding motorist gets police escort to allow wife to give birth

One new-born will have a story to tell.  His parents were a bit late getting underway to hospital for his birth and when they got round to the journey to hospital, they had to rush at such a speed the police thought they were speeding.  Fortunately, the prospective father managed to signal to pursuing officers what was up and he was given a police escort to hospital.

Osman, who came home from work in the middle of the night only to find his highly pregnant wife bleeding, takes up the story: “We got into the car in a panic and ASAP we made for the hospital in Merksem.  All I wanted was to get my wife to hospital.”

On the Antwerp orbital Osman’s car attracted police attention.  “The officers didn’t know what was up and started driving next to my vehicle.  I turned down the widow and tried to signal what was up.  Fortunately the police officers were quick on the uptake!”

Osman and his wide got a police escort to hospital!

“We got there just in time.  30 minutes later my son was born.  I’m pleased everything went well, but don’t want a repeat”.

Gynaecologist Patrick Van de Walle too is pleased there was a happy ending but warns journeys like that are not without risk.  He urges people who find themselves in similar situations to call an ambulance via 112.

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