The first Flemish asparagus of 2021 sold for 240 euro per case

It was D-Day early on Tuesday morning at the BelOrta vegetable and fruit wholesale auction in Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Antwerp Province). The first cases of Flemish asparagus to have been harvested this this year went under the hammer. Asparagus is produced at numerous market gardens in around the villages near to the vegetable and fruit auction. The quality of the asparagus produced here in Flanders is very high and the vegetable is a true culinary treat. 

As in previous years the proceeds from the first day of asparagus sales at the auction will go to charity. A total of 5 good causes have been selected.

They should receive a health financial boost as the asparagus sold on Tuesday morning went for 240 euro per case. Asparagus grower Marja van Dessel told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that “The white points start popping up from under the soil in our greenhouse at the beginning of February”. 

Marja Van Dessels’ market garden is called Den Boschkant and is in Vremde, a village around 15km from the vegetable and fruit auction. The asparagus is grown inside greenhouses which means that it can be grown during the winter 

“This is why you are always able to find Belgian asparagus in the shops in time for Valentine’s Days. Previously we had to import it from Peru but now you can find home-produced asparagus. We harvest in the greenhouse until Easter and then the classic outdoor season gets under way”, Ms Van Dassel added. 

The first of Marja’s asparagus was sold to a greengrocer from the town of Lier. It fetched 240 euro per case. “The auction doubles the figure bid and this goes to five worthy causes. They do the same thing with the first tomatoes of the year that are auctioned”. 

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