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Weather picture: what can we expect?

By Belgian standards Tuesday will be a particularly cold day with highs not in excess of -6 in Flanders and the uplands of the High Fens.  Temperatures no higher than -1 for the lucky few.

Heavily overcast skies and light snow are our lot in south eastern Belgium.  Elsewhere it’s mainly dry with a little sleet at times.  Sunny conditions especially in the afternoon.

Last night temperatures fell to -13 in places.  Freezing conditions remain with us even during the daytime at least until Saturday.

There is a warning out for slippery conditions on the roads with snow and black ice making driving hazardous.

Hajo Beeckman of VRT’s traffic unit says Tuesday morning’s rush hour went more smoothly than yesterday.

“Conditions are good on the main roads.  But with the extremely low temperatures greater care is needed.  Ice is the main challenge.  It’s especially dangerous when snow melts and the melt water freezes again.  This turns into a thin layer of ice that is not always clearly visible.  This is especially a problem on minor roads, on bridges, cycle paths and footpaths, but sometimes also on the fast lane of major roads and motorways.”

“The situation in Brussels is hazardous.  Here snow that turned into sludge has frozen.  There is little fresh snow.”

3,600 tons of road salt was slapped on Flemish roads last night.  “It was quite a night” says Veva Daniëls of the Roads Agency.  “Last night it started snowing again in places across Flanders.  Our gritters were out and about to ensure the situation on the roads was OK this morning.”

“We’ve still got sufficient stocks of road salt: 108,000 tons.  We’ve used 11,000 tons so far during the cold snap.”

Dry conditions are forecast for most spots this evening and tonight.  Clear skies to start off with but cloud later.  Light snow towards morning in the extreme south east.  Lows between -7 and -13.  Blustery conditions especially on our North Sea coast.

Freezing conditions are forecast for the rest of the week with a thaw only set to move in on Sunday.

Tervuren (Flemish Brabant)
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