“We seem to be heading in the right direction”

Bart Mesuere, biostatistician at Ghent University, says the latest figures on the number of new cases of coronavirus are encouraging.  The average is down 7% on the week and that is reflected across all Belgian provinces except East Flanders, Namur and the Brussels Region.

The number of new cases is also expected to fall there too. “The rise there was linked to local outbreaks” says Mesuere. “Globally speaking we seem to be heading in the right direction”.

Another positive factor is the high number of tests and the fact the number that are coming back positive remains stable. The number of new infections among children (0-9) and youngsters (10-19) is sharply down: -6% and -9%.

“We see the biggest drop among 80-89-year-olds and the over 90s – down -20% and -21%”

Hospitalisations show a mixed picture: “There’s a relatively steep rise in Antwerp.  Antwerp Province has a large population and a rise there impacts on the overall picture” explains Mesuere.

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