2017 Invision

Belgian short film in the running for an Oscar

Belgian short film ‘Da Yie” by the Antwerp filmmaker Anthony Nti is still in the race for an Oscar, while ‘Filles de joie’ did not make the shortlist for Best Foreign Film. Nominations will be announced on 15 March.  The Oscar ceremony is on 25 April.

‘Da Yie’ tells the tale of a foreigner who has to recruit children for dangerous jobs in Ghana. He encounters Prince and Mathilda, two lively kids, and takes them to his gang.  Soon he starts to wonder if he is doing the right thing given the impact on the children’s lives.

Anthony Nti was fêted after the Bachelor film ‘Boi’ he produced at the RITCS, the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound, was selected for several festivals and picked up a lot of praise.  ‘Da Yie’ was filmed in his native Ghana.

‘Filles de joie’, a tale of three women living a double life in the sex industry, was the Belgian entry for Best Foreign Film.  It didn’t make the shortlist.

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