Financial irregularities to unseat liberal lawmaker?

Tension has reached fever pitch behind the scenes at the Flemish liberal party, the Open VLD.  The party leadership is seeking greater clarity with regard to a 50,000-euro contribution from the party leadership that went towards the election campaign of Flemish lawmaker Sihame El Kaouakibi in 2019.

The monies were released to allow the social entrepreneur to launch herself on the political scene.

Ms El Kaouakibi is already under fire with regard to the finances of her not-for-profit organisation Let’s Go Urban.  Earlier in the week it emerged that a judicial investigation was under way into suspected financial irregularities at the organisation.

An external audit reportedly shows that the organisation’s accounts are ‘chaotic’ and that there is a lack of sufficient partitions between the not-for-profit organisation and the lawmaker’s own companies.  A manager appointed by an Antwerp court to run the business temporarily must investigate whether any subsidies to Let’s Go Urban went to support the lawmaker’s own businesses.



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