Hey presto and all the feta’s sold out!

A Finnish food blogger is being credited with a run on feta cheese in Flemish supermarkets.  “Feta is a typical summer commodity” say the supermarkets.  “We’re not equipped for this demand”.

It all started when a video recipe requiring a block of feta cheese went viral. Foodie Jenni Häyrinen declared 4 February National Uunifetapasta Day – a day on which everybody should try a simple recipe with feta and pasta.  That was back in 2019, but this year the appeal has also been taken up by international food bloggers and has reached Instagram and TikTok.

Supermarket chain Delhaize confirms feta is more in demand now than in the same period last year.  In some stores the cheese is sold out.  Delhaize also links the interest to the pandemic: more people are at home experimenting with new dishes. Delhaize is ordering extra feta from its supplier.

Supermarket Albert Heijn reports sales of feta are up 25%, 35% in some stores. “It’s incredible” says An Maes. “We did see it coming and are responding to the hype.

“If you can’t find feta similar, white cheeses produced in Germany and Denmark are on sale.  They’re wrapped in similar packaging but can’t be called feta”.

Ann Maes has already tried the recipe: “It’s so simple.  Pop it in the oven and hey presto”.

The hype does not appear to have reached Colruyt and Lidl shoppers yet.  Both stores report no surge in feta sales.

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