Eric Lalmand

Why has the Atomium put its hat on?

The highest sphere of the Atomium, landmark of the 1958 World Fair, has donned a hat.  The head covering hasn’t got anything to do with the Deep Freeze as you may have been thinking, but hopes to stimulate interest in a new campaign launched by Te Gek!? (Too Crazy), a not-for-profit organisation eager to promote discussion of mental issues.

Te Gek!?’s new campaign that was launched today is intended to bring people together and make it easier to talk about psychiatric well-being.

Te Gek!?’s new campaign slogan is ‘Make the head an issue’.  Athlete Elodie Ouedraogo has designed a hat especially for the campaign.  Not only is the hat for sale, but you can also make your own.  To publicise the initiative the organisation also decided the highest sphere of the Atomium should don the hat too!


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