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‘Cycling through Water’ becomes ‘Cycling through Ice’!

‘Cycling through Water’ is one of the highlights of the Bokrijk heritage park in Limburg Province.  Ramblers and cyclists can usually walk or ride along a path that cuts straight through a lake.  With this week’s wintery conditions Bokrijk exudes an atmosphere that is even more magical than usual and ‘Cycling through Water’ has become ‘Cycling through Ice’! Enjoy this video presentation from our colleagues at Radio 2 Limburg.

“We notice how nature changes from day to day” say a couple of seasoned ramblers. “Today’s sun allows the wintery beauty of Limburg to sparkle even more than usual.  We are enjoying the view immensely.  This is our favourite season.”

An enormous sign warns that skating is not permitted.  The view will have to suffice.  A Dutch couple from the Province of North Holland was not impressed by the quality of our ice anyway.  “It looks magnificent, but there are lots of bumps and snow on the ice.  This is no ice for skating” confided this Dutch visitor, who is clearly used to sterner stuff.

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