Barbers reopen on Saturday, but beard-trimming is off the menu!

Belgian hairdressers and barbers reopen on Saturday to the great joy of many people, but under corona measures barbers will not be allowed to trim people’s beards just yet.  Beard-trimming and other facial treatments are only permitted starting 1 March. 

Barbers will only be allowed to cut hair on the head from Saturday.

Barber Reginald Smets of ‘The Gentleman’ in Overijse: “I guess the measure was taken out of solidarity with beauty specialists, who can only start working on 1 March.  It’s only fair.”

Reginald really only had plans to start cutting hair on the head on Saturday anyway: “You want to help as many customers as quickly as possible.  Doing beards too takes extra time.”

Our barber can understand why many of his colleagues aren’t too happy with the measure: “But we really don’t have a choice.  We have to go along with it!”

However, he believes cutting beards can be done in a safe fashion.

“People won’t be opening their mouths when we trim their beards”

Still, Reginald acknowledges that many a trip to the barber’s is also a social occasion.

“It’s an opportunity to see people from outside your household apart from your hug buddy.”

Our barber has already stocked up on champagne for Saturday: “After three months of sitting still I’m really ready for it! People are all longing for a haircut” he told VRT.

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