Nicolas Maeterlinck

Focused police checks on borders during half-term

Saturday is the start of the half-term break or ‘Crocus Holiday’ as it is called in Flanders.  Non-essential foreign travel remains banned until 1 March as part of corona measures and non-essential travel includes foreign holidays and leisure trips abroad!

Belgian police intend to carry out checks on border crossings.  “Expect a forthright response if you try to flout the law” says Nicholas Paelinck, the head of the West Coast police zone and president of the national local police committee.

“Local and federal police will carry out organised operations as well as focused patrols on the borders” says Paelinck.  “Anybody infringing corona measures will be fined.  Every person in the vehicle will be fined.  Everybody will be sent back too.”

“In border areas people know what is part and parcel of daily life and what isn’t.  We live here too!”

The police are acting on the basis of a ministerial decision, a secondary law.

“There shouldn’t be a problem for cross border workers or people who need to travel for urgent family reasons like funerals.  Travel as part of daily life in border municipalities and border areas is one of the exceptions”.

There are no restrictions on travel across Belgium.

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