A health worker is vaccinated at his place of work

Get your corona jab at your place of work?

A survey conducted by the Flemish employers’ organisation Voka clearly shows great willingness among businesses to form part of the corona vaccination drive.  Six out of ten businesses employing over 50 workers said that they wanted to organise vaccinations at their employees’ place of work.

Businesses could play a significant role when the vaccination campaign reaches cruising speed.

“Businesses have a tremendous amount of experience in connection with the annual flu vaccination.  They are eager to rely on this experience during the vaccinations that lie ahead” says Voka’s Hans Maertens.

Employers have no appetite to replace the planned vaccination centres, but are wiling to provide extra capacity.

“We’re offering the authorities this possibility.  Please make use of existing capacity.  Let’s work out what to do together now” concludes Maertens.

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