Vaccination village opens in Antwerp’s Spoor Oost

The so-called “vaccination village” that has been set up to carry out the mass vaccination against coronavirus of people in Antwerp opened for the first time on Friday morning. Once running to capacity the centre will be able to vaccinate thousands of people every day. However, today only around 200 people will be vaccinated there. They are general practitioners, home nurses, dentists and pharmacists. They will be given the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.  

As these health care professionals aren’t being vaccinated in hospitals, the Spoor Oost vaccination village has started up sooner than had originally been planned. 

Jan Stroobants of the Antwerp Care Network told VRT News that “This has two advantages. It takes some of the pressure of the hospital and it provides the ideal opportunity to test all the procedures prior to the start of mass vaccinations on 1 March”.  

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