Bye-bye 'Beast from the East 2'. So long! Farewell!

It may be freezing outside, but by next weekend we could be basking in temperatures of 18°C.  How is this possible?  VRT weather presenter Frank explains.

Following ‘Beast from the East 2’ we are being treated to milder conditions during the half-term break.  “It’s all got to do with wind” says Frank. “During the past week north easterlies brought in cold air.  We were treated to polar air that travelled all the way from Moscow.  The wind has now changed direction and is blowing from the southeast.  Yesterday on the Spanish Costas temperatures of 24°C were no exception.  This warm air is heading our way.”

Weather models for next weekend point to highs of up to 18°C.  Next weekend the average could be around 14°C. “What exactly will happen is not yet clear.  Forecasts for the longer term are always more difficult” Frank notes.

But without a doubt we are stepping out of the Big Freeze.  Highs of 11°C are forecast for next Thursday.

“An early spring is in the air” says Frank. If we get 14°C next weekend that will be above the average for mid-February.  Usually it’s around 6°C or 7°C.”

Frank Deboosere is unwilling to rule out the trashing of a day record for mid-February!

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