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80% of border crossers don’t have sworn statement!

It’s the half-term break, a time for holidays, but international travel and leisure trips abroad are banned till 1 March. Police have launched extra border checks to ensure compliance with corona measures e.g. at the Brussels South Station and airports, but also on road border crossings.

Police are not only checking who is entering the country – because holiday trips to Belgium are banned – but are also stopping people leaving the country like here in Maasmechelen.  Few have been the holidaymakers trying to use his crossing to get abroad, but officers have noticed that people with a sound reason to travel e.g. a funeral or to visit a long-standing partner do not possess the necessary paperwork.

Walter Aspers is an officer with Traffic Police Limburg: “People need to have a sworn statement in their pocket detailing why they are travelling. Everybody gets the same question.  80% of people are not aware of the requirement.  We provide tips and the explanation they need”.

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