“Everybody will get a vaccination invite by post”

New details have emerged about the vaccination campaign.  Everybody will be sent a letter inviting them to attend a vaccination centre just like people get an invitation to attend a polling place for elections.

The letter will include a 33-digit code combining both figures and letters.

Joris Moonens of the Care and Health Agency told VRT the code shouldn’t pose any problem, especially for people using their smartphone or email. 

“It is a long code, but if you are using a smartphone or email you only need to hit the link to approve your appointment or reschedule.  The letter also includes a QR-code that you can scan.”

People not au fait with computers and smartphones needn’t worry either.  The letter will also include a phone number for your local call centre.

The letter will list two possible dates for your first and second shot.  The Care and Health Agency stresses that people should respond to the letter.

“If you wish to come and be vaccinated, confirm an appointment to allow the vaccination centre to organise itself; If you don’t want to come, cancel your appointment.   This tells us we have an extra slot free” says Joris Moonens.

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