Get your haircut from today!

Three months after they were ordered to close Belgian hairdressers can once again reopen, although stringent safety restrictions must be in place.

Hairdressers have been closed since 2 November.  So last week’s news of the relaxation was welcomed by many, especially people who hadn’t had a haircut in over three months and those of us who had to look at the result.


Some scientists warned the reopening came too early because coronavirus is still circulating at high levels in the community, but health minister Vandenbroucke argued that some people no longer dared to show themselves because of how they looked and this was having a big effect on how they felt and their mental health.


The strict conditions placed on a visit to the hairdresser’s include having to make an appointment first. Customers must wait outside.  Customers and hairdressers must both wear surgical masks that must be replaced every 4 hours.  Masks in material are not permitted.  A ten-minute gap must be allowed between each customer to allow for ventilation and disinfecting. Only one customer is permitted per 10 square metres.  Windows and doors must be opened to allow ventilation.  If this is not possible hairdressers must use a CO2 meter to monitor air quality.


Hairdressers may not do home visits.


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