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Home-grown igloo rises in Flanders fields

It’s an unusual sight, but if global warming treats us to regular repeats of the Big Freeze of the past week could become more common in Flanders: the indigenous igloo.

This is the sight in Lievegem (East Flanders): an igloo built by two buddies Michiel and Jef, both aged 19. It took them five days to build but their construction can count on considerable interest.

Michiel and Jef had been waiting for snow for ages.  When it arrived, they successfully put grease to their elbow.

“Every quarter of an hour” somebody stopped by to comment on our progress. “We had never done this before.  We had checked a number of videos on YouTube to see what needed to be done.  It took quite some time and effort to work that all out.”

In Inuktitut, the language of the Innuits, the world igloo means ‘home’.  As snow is a poor heat conductor it can get surprisingly warm inside these snow huts.

Unfortunately, the youngsters have no plans to spend the night in their construction. They claim corona measures and the curfew are spoilers. 

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