What else is new/open from today?

In addition to hairdressers animal parks and zoos too reopen at the start of the half-term break while estate agents are once again allowed to accompany you on visits to properties. New restrictions take effect with regard to what is accepted as a “face covering” too!

Animals parks can reopen from today, but the public will only have access to outside areas.  Aquaria and herpetaria (where reptiles or amphibians are kept) or serpentaria (for snakes) remain closed.  The loos are open though.

Amusement parks too remain closed on the order of the Belgian and devolved governments

Also starting today, estate agents may once again accompany prospective buyers or renters to look at properties.  Until now buyers and renters could only visit empty properties unaccompanied.  Not even the person selling or letting the accommodation was allowed to be present.

Also starting today only disposable masks and masks in material are accepted as ‘face coverings’.  Scarves, bandanas and neck warmers are no longer accepted as face coverings in places where restrictions apply.  Masks with a valve or vent to help you to breathe are no longer accepted either as the valve may let through droplets of saliva and cause infection.

The consultative committee that decides corona measures meets again on 26 February.

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