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Ice bears in Bruges: “It’s all an ice bear can wish for.”

Temperatures are edging higher they claim, but in Bruges it was still pretty chilly for the meet of the Bruges Ice Bears, an association of enthusiasts eager to go for a dip in freezing water.  Forty Bruges ice bears joined today’s swim.  After a sound warm-up the good folk of Bruges took their dip in groups of four to comply with corona measures.  Nobody stayed in the water very long!

Emma Demuynck is one of their number: “I think a lot of people do it for the kick, for the warm-up, that feeling of togetherness.  The great feeling when it’s been accomplished. It gave me such a kick”.

Franky Moelaert is the secretary of Bruges Ice Bears: “It’s a unique sight with all the snow.  It’s all an ice bear can wish for.”

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