Cat with head stuck in empty crisp packet rescued from frozen lake

The nature photographer IVO Hendrikx saved for posterity a rescue operation at the Bokrijk Estate in Limburg Province that was as strange as it was heart-warming. On Sunday morning a ranger at Bokrijk was photographed as he tried (and succeeded) rescue a cat that had its head stuck in an empty crisp packet from a frozen lake.  

Ivo Hendrikx had originally gone to Bokrijk to take photographs of the frozen bicycle path there at dawn on Sunday morning. However, “When I saw a black animal in the distance, I thought at first that it was a duck. But when I looked a little more closely, I realised that it was a cat. The animal had its head stuck in an empty packet of Cheetos (cheesy puffs)”.  

An electrical fault meant that it was impossible to alert the Bokrijk Estate Police. Ivo and the other people present decided to call the Park Ranger.

The Ranger was able to rescue the cat from the ice and free its head from the crisp packet. Ivo Hendrikx says that the incident show how dangerous carelessly discarded litter can be to wildlife, farm animals and in this case pets.


Ivo Hendrikx / Ima Pictures
Ivo Hendrikx / Ima Pictures

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