Frank Abbeloos

Hairdressers advised to be careful when using hairdryers

The High Council for Health has issued a 70-page document in which hairdressers and barbers are given detailed advice on how to keep the chance of coronavirus being spread at their salons to an absolute minimum. The document also advises those that use the toilet against using hand dryers that blow air upwards as they could spread microscopic droplets released when a person breathes out.


Hairdressers were allowed to reopen against on Saturday. The conditions to them being allowed to reopen were already strict. Now the High Council for Health has issued further guidelines on top of this. For example, when drying a customer’s hair hairdressers should try to ensure that the hot air from the hair dryer is not blow from one person to another.  

The High Council for Health writes that there is “a risk that is not negligible” that infected air could be spread in this way.

While the use of hair dryers in salons is pretty much a must and as such can't realy be banned, the High Council for Health also advises strongly against the use of jet hand dryers in toilets. This is because they too can spread droplets that might be infected.

The document goes on the reaffirm the importance of effective ventilation, particularly now, during the winter months. If and when the coronavirus restrictions are relaxed, and more indoor activities can take place it will be important that the places where these activities are held are well-ventilated.  

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