Horse falls into freezing ditch after fire-fighters cut it free from barbed wire fence

The Fire Service in Schoten just outside Antwerp had their work cut out on Monday morning after a routine operation to free a horse whose mane had become entangled in a barbed wire fence turned into a full rescue operation. After it had been cut free from the fence the unfortunate animal fell into a ditch long the side of the Galglaan. 

After no little effort on the part of the fire fighters they were able to lift the horse out of the ditch that was full of freezing cold water.

Rescuing the horse was not an easy task the Fire Service’s Marc Van Linden told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp. "Several colleagues were sent into the ditch next to the horse, this was not an easy task with these temperatures”. Eventually, the Fire Service was able to lift the horse out of the ditch using a small crane and hoisting ropes.

The animal didn’t seem to have suffered too much from its ordeal. As soon as the 30-year-old mare was free, she got up and started eating. A vet was called, and they confirmed that the horse was in the rudest of health.


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