Two suspects detained in connection with road-rage incident that left two children dead

The Judicial Authorities in the French city of Lille have said that two suspects have been detained in connection with a road rage incident in Mouscron (Hainaut Province) on Saturday evening that left two children dead. The vehicle in which the children were travelling in was forced from the road by another car and crashed into a lamppost. Their stepfather, who was driving, was rushed to hospital in Kortrijk (West Flanders) in a critical condition. Both those detained are young males, one of them is under the age of 18.


The incident that resulted in the deaths of the two children, aged 4 and 8, happed on a main road in Mouscron, a town right next to Belgium’s border with France around 20km northeast of Lille. Earlier there had been an accident involving the stepfather’s car and the suspects’ vehicle at a carpark in Dottignies, a village just outside Mouscron. The suspects’ vehicle ran into the back of the stepfather’s car. There was a row between the stepfather and the suspects, who then drove away from the scene.  

The stepfather set off in pursuit of the young men that had driven into the back of his car. However, the suspects drove him off the road. His car crashed into a lamppost killing his two stepchildren and leaving him with serious injuries. Once again, the suspects fled the scene.

It is not yet clear whether both suspects detained in France were in the vehicle when Saturday evening’s events occurred. 

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