Appeals Court upholds former MP’s murder conviction

The Court of Appeal in Brussels has found the former member of the Flemish Parliament Christian Van Eyken and his wife Sylvia Boigelot guilty of the murder of Ms Boigelot’s ex-husband Marc Dellea. For 24 years Mr Van Eyken was the only Francophone MP in the Flemish Parliament. He stood on the UF list, a list that stands in Flemish Brabant and enjoys the support of all the main Francophone parties with the exception of the green party Ecolo. 

The Court of Appeal has imposed stiffer sentences on the former MP and his wife than they had been given at their original trial.

On 8 July 2014 Marc Dellea was killed in his flat in the Brussels district of Laken. Mr Dellea had been shot in the head. He was married to the woman that is now Mr Van Eyken’s wife. At the time Mr Van Eyken and Ms Boigelot were lovers. 

At their first trial Christian Van Eyken and Sylvie Boigelot were both vigorous in their denials of any involvement in Mr Dellea’s death. At the end of their first trial the couple that by then had got married were sentenced to 23 years in prison.

At the Appeal Court too, Mr Van Eyken and Ms Boigelot strenuously denied any involvement in Mr Dellea’s killing. They claimed that the victim was still alive when they left the flat and that he must have been killed by someone that had broken in. 

The Appeals’ Court judges gave little credence to the couple’s story that was described as “bordering on the absurd”.

They were sentenced to prison sentences of 27 years. 





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