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Burglar run over by train as he attempts to flee from the police

A 21-year-old man has died after being run over by a train in the East Flemish city of Ghent. The dead man was fleeing from police after he burgled a shop in suburb of Sint-Amandsberg. As he made his escape, he attempted to cross a railway line. Unfortunately for him a train was coming and he was run over and killed. 

The incident happened on Monday evening. A little earlier the 21-year-old man and two accomplices had broken into a shop in Sint-Amandsberg. The shop's security alarm went off and soon the police were at the scene. 

The three suspects we able to escape with what they had stolen. The 21-year-old man that later died headed towards the railway line. However, when he attempted to cross over tracks, he was hit by a maintenance train. His body was found on the tracks. Some of the stolen goods were found strew around the railway line a few dozen metres away.

A little later in the evening police found a second suspect was found hiding in a garden shed. Some of the goods stolen were found to be with him. The third suspect is still on the run. 

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