Man suffers carbon monoxide poisoning after lighting fire pit to heat his flat

A man from the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht has been taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning after he lit a fire pit indoors in order to heat his flat. The emergency services received a call saying that a man was unwell at around 8:15pm on Monday. 

Paramedics went to the flat on the Albert-I plein in Anderlecht on Monday evening. On their arrival the ambulance’s carbon monoxide alarm immediate started to sound. The windows and the doors of the flat were opened to provide ventilation and the Fire Service was called to deal with the fire pit.  

The Brussels Fire Service spokesman Walter Derieuw told VRT News that "It seems that there were problems with the heating system in the flat and that the occupants had decided to heat their home by using a fire pit. The victim was taken to hospital, but his condition was not critical”.

The Fire Service strongly advises against the use of fire pits in enclosed spaces. Mr Derieuw added that “In addition to this we would once again like to stress the importance of heating apparatus being conform with safety regulations and installed by a qualified technician. It should undergo regular maintenance and undergo the statutory safety checks carried out by the relevant authorities. There should be ventilation and a supply of fresh air”.


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