Mouscron child deaths: 17-year-old says “I was driving hit-and-run car”

Belgium’s Francophone broadcaster RTBF is reporting that the driver who caused the accident in Mouscron (Hainault) on Saturday was a boy of seventeen years of age.  The broadcaster cites sources close to the investigation that say that the boy admitted driving the car when the accident occurred.

A car carrying a driver and his two stepchildren crashed into a lamppost while trying to overtake a vehicle following a row with the occupants of the vehicle at a car park.  The driver of the second car reportedly lurched to the left during the manoeuvre causing the accident.

Two children aged 4 and 8 were killed.  The driver was seriously injured. 

Two people have now been arrested after police were able to track down the vehicle’s owner: the 25-year-old owner of the car and a minor, who came forward to police in the French city of Tourcoing following the first arrest.

In France driving licences can be issued to 17-year-olds under certain conditions.  Prosecutors are now checking the statements.  An investigation is under way into malicious obstruction of traffic and involuntary manslaughter and fleeing the scene of the accident.

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