Belgium’s biggest vaccination centre “closed for the day”


Yesterday we reported on the opening of Belgium’s largest vaccination centre at the Heizel exhibition park in Brussels, but today we already have to inform you that at least for today the vaccination centre is closed: there are problems with the federal registration system Doclr.


As a result of these issues mass invitations to the vaccination centre can only be dispatched starting today. The backlog should be completely sorted “within days”.

The invitations to the scores of patients who were vaccinated at Palace 1 on Tuesday had to be dispatched manually as did the follow-up.

This was a particularly time-intensive procedure that will be avoided when Doclr is operating properly.

Inge Neven of the Brussels health inspection had to admit little could be done about yesterday’s issues “because we are talking about a federal tool”.  The tool was supposed to be up and running in all three of Belgium’s devolved regions by last weekend, but was not.

It’s not only in Brussels there are issues due to problems with the software. In Izegem (West Flanders) vaccinations needed to be postponed as a result, while in Flemish Brabant too the problems resulted in “difficult situations” and patients had to be rung by phone in Halle and Tienen.

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