Corona latest: all key indicators lower

On average in the week to 14 February 118 patients with Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus, were hospitalised each day. The figure is down 7% on the week.

1,601 patients are currently in hospital with Covid.  312 are in intensive care.  170 are on a ventilator.

In the week to 14 February on average 38 deaths a day were linked to Covid.  The figure is down 8.6% on the week.  In all 21,750 deaths have been linked to Covid.

On average during the last seven-day observation period 1,786 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed each day.  The figure is 19% down on the week. 741,205 people have tested positive since the start of the pandemic. The number of tests is down 7% on the week.

5% of tests come back positive. The figure has been stable for a number of days now.

By 15 February 370,019 people in Belgium had received their first shot of the corona vaccine.  That’s 4.01% of the adult population.  203,755 people have had their second jab.  2.21% of the population.

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