Yves Adams voor Starling Reizen

Fleming spots rare, yellow penguin

During an expedition to South Georgia, a British Overseas Territory and island in the South Atlantic, Flemish nature guide Yves Adams encountered a rare sight: a yellow penguin.  “I immediately realised I had a remarkable bird in front of my lens” said the photographer. The photos were made in 2019, but have only now been released.

Yves has been active as a photographer and nature guide for many years.  His great love are birds.  Exotic destinations where he is able to photograph remarkable specimens are his favourite haunts.  Working for a specialised Ghent travel company Starling, Yves also tries to enthuse others for the wonderous world of nature.

It was during a preparatory expedition for a trip to Antarctica in 2019 that Yves encountered the bright yellow penguin. In South Georgia some 100,000 king penguins live on Salisbury plain and this one was yellow.

The photos were taken in 2019 but have only been released now.  Yves hopes the trip he was planning in that year can proceed.  2024 has now been pencilled in as the date.

Yves Adams voor Starling Reizen

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