Flemish students can look forward to more lessons on campus

Up to twenty percent of lessons at Flemish universities and polytechnics may be staged on campus starting mid-March.  “This is not the grand reopening” Ghent rector Rik Van De Walle told VRT.  “But we wanted to offer staff and students the prospect of better things to come.”

The measure means up to one day of lessons a week may be held on campus.  Until now no more than 10% of lessons on campus were permitted.  The relaxation is conditional on corona figures that continue to improve.

The Ghent rector realises students are having a hard time: “The people at universities and polytechnics charged with helping youngsters are doing their utmost, but it’s not enough.  We need more means and more people to do enough.  I’m appealing for more means to be released to this end.”

Rector Van De Walle hopes that even more activities will be able to run on campus after the Easter break, but at the minute it’s too early to take that decision.  

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