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Many passengers “highly enthusiastic” about 737 MAX flight

A Belgian airline TUI Fly has operated the first commercial flight with a Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Europe in nearly two years.  The aircraft took off in Brussels and was bound for Malaga in Spain.  The brand new 737 MAX aircraft was grounded in March 2019 after two fatal crashes in only six months.  The American constructor Boeing has modified the aircraft that has now been OKed by aviation authorities. 

TUI Fly passengers did not seem daunted to be the first.  Piet Demeyere of the Ostend-based company: “One aircraft is flying today.  The others will take to the sky in coming days.  We informed all passengers last Monday.  Either there was no response or people were highly enthusiastic.  Nobody asked to cancel or rebook.  The measures taken were very strict. We are convinced tjis is the safest craft.”

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