“1 in 10 looking for a new job”

Research undertaken by scientists at Leuven University in conjunction with the temping agency Tempo-Team revealed that as a result of the pandemic fewer people are satisfied at work: one in ten workers is looking for a new job.

Today the average employee doesn’t have the rosy picture of their job they used to have. Fewer people enjoy their job and many say relations with colleagues have gone downhill.

Since the start of the pandemic twenty percent of workers are experiencing less enjoyment in their work.  Workers say they are being offered fewer training opportunities and are less satisfied with colleagues and their bosses.

One in ten are now looking for a new job. Prof Anja Van den Broek, an expert in motivation at work, says this is a giant figure: “The figure has doubled in comparison with last year. It’s exceptional that so many people want a new job at a time of crisis.  Normally, when times are hard, people like to stick with their job.”

Prof Van den Broeck links this phenomenon to the nature of the crisis: “People see this as a health crisis not necessarily as an economic one.  Employees are still in demand on the labour market.  Movement on the labour market is still possible.”

Employees indicated that they are chiefly looking for improved remuneration, but Prof Van den Broeck notes that the importance of remuneration is often overestimated: “It’s largely the content of the job that will determine whether you are happy or not.”

She advises employers to make sure employees are above all happy with what they do: “Ensure variation, give workers the right to take decisions and make the work meaningful.”

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