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“2,500 euros for one sperm sample”

Diktator is the name of America’s “Best Stallion” and believe it or not but the horse hails from Beveren in East Flanders. 

A fresh sample of this stallion’s sperm will set you back 700 euros, but if the mare that has been inseminated becomes pregnant then you have to pay extra: 3,000 dollars in all or just under 2,500 euros.

Diktator is a nice little earner, who lives on the Spy Coast Farm, a stud farm in Kentucky. The horse has a successful jumping career behind it and now in its retirement is earning a pretty penny, but not for its erstwhile owner, Fleming Jos Van den Branden, who sold the horse as a foal. 

Diktator’s papers show it is a descendant of several of the best German races explains Jos: “Diktator is the descendant of a 19th century mare with the best genes. I sold Diktator as a foal.  It had already been approved as a stallion, but first embarked on a sporting career.  As a 4-year-old it took part in the finals of the Belgian jumping championships.  As a 6-year-old it was sold and taken to the US. 

Jos is extremely proud Diktator has now landed the title of Best Stallion of the US.  “The best breeders hail from the Waasland District of East Flanders.  There’s international interest.  Even Bill Gates’s daughter bought a horse here.  Fresh sperm from Diktator is still brought to the Waasland.  A sample from a top animal like that will stay good for two days.”

Jos has some 20 horses at his riding school, a farm that has been in his family for generations.  The East Fleming got his first horse at the age of 17 and competed in dressage, military and jumping events.  Diktator did not make him rich.  He always sells his horses as foals.

“Keeping them for eight or so years would be unaffordable.”

A lot of money is chasing top stallions.  Embryos are sold for up to 60,000 euros and there is no guarantee the horse you get will be a champion stallion. Diktator’s eight-year-old brother still lives at the riding school in Beveren.  The horse’s sperm is for sale. “He’s a promising horse “says Jos. “I hope he can inseminate an awful lot of mares.”

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