Exceptional: sheep gives birth to quintuplets in Limburg!

Sheep farmer Andi Meyers from Riemst in Limburg Province has hit the jackpot: one of his ewes has just given birth to quintuplets.  Experts note this is a particularly rare occurrence.  Andi says: “I managed it once years ago, but one lamb died on me.”

It was yesterday morning that Andi attended in the birth of the quintuplets and it was no coincidence: “For years now I’ve been involved in breeding sheep with a pedigree of the Swifter variety.  My sheep are a mix of Belgian and Dutch sheep.  We’ve been breeding for years with only one aim: as many lambs as possible in the same birth.”

Andi rates the chance of a ewe giving birth to healthy quintuplets at ‘one in a million’.  This birth didn’t go all that smoothly.  It gave the vet work for an hour and a half!  One lamb even came out back to front! Fortunately, they all survived the birth. Without a vet they would probably all have been dead including the mum!  Even though the sheep are bred to this end it’s no mean task!”

Now you may be mistaken for thinking Andi has a super ram at his disposal, but the ram didn’t have all that much to do with it:

“It’s not the ram that is so fertile.  It’s the ewes.  The only thing the ram does is inseminate.”

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