7 toddlers and two members of staff from a nursery in Essen infected with British variant of coronavirus

Tests carried out on all the children and members of staff at a nursery school in Essen (Antwerp Province) on Friday have found that 17 toddlers and 2 members of staff are infected with the British variant of coronavirus. 140 toddlers attend the nursery, around 12% were found to have the British variant. The children that tested negative will be allowed to return to school on Monday. However, one class that is taught by a member of staff that tested positive will remain closed. 

The first infections at the nursery were detected last week. Several classes were placed in quarantine. On Friday all 140 children that attend the nursery and all those that work there were tested. No infections were found at a primary school that is on the same site.

Now the test results are in the nursery school will be able to reopen, albeit on a high state of alert.

Children will have to remain within their respective “class bubbles” and will have to eat their lunches in their classrooms.

The third-year nursery class will have to stay at home though as its teacher tested positive and no replacement can be found.


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