Busy Saturday on rail services to the coast

Not surprisingly the fine spring-like weather has sent people flocking in their droves to the coastal resorts of West Flanders. Despite, bars and restaurants being closing, and the few cultural activities still permitted such as a visit to an exhibition being on a reservation only, time-slot limited basis, the lure of the coast remains strong. 

The Belgian rail company NMBS that has extra trains on stand-by reports that it is “very busy” at the stations in Brussels on Saturday morning. Access to the platforms is being controlled to ensure that passengers waiting for a train can do so safely and to prevent trains becoming overcrowded.

On its website NMBS writes "We ask that you wait patiently at the station and while doing so maintain sufficient social distance from others. Please follow the instructions given by our staff”.

In Ghent (East Flanders too) it was rather busy for a Saturday morning at Saint-Peters’ Station. Passengers are stopped at the bottom of the steps that lead to the platform to prevent the platforms becoming overcrowded and to prevent crowding on the trains. 

Elsewhere, NMBS has deployed extra security staff to ensure passengers’ safety. Both today and tomorrow, NMBS will have 10 extra trains on stand-by to ease over-crowding where needs be.

Click here to see how busy it is in the towns and villages along the West Flemish coast. 


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