Cyclist dies at Brussels accident hotspot

A cyclist has been killed in an accident on the Albertlaan in the Brussels municipality of Vorst. The accident happened on Saturday afternoon. The 30-year-old woman was crossing the Albertlaan at a zebra crossing when she was hit by a car. She landed several metres away on the road. The Brussels regional news platform Bruzz reports that at the start of this month a local resident had informed the regional transport agency that is responsible for the road that the situation there is dangerous. 

The accident happened at around 5:45pm on Saturday on the Albertlaan, near to the Berkendael tram stop. The 30-year-old cyclist crossed the avenue that has tram lines it the middle of it via a zebra crossing. She was hit by a car and catapulted several metres along down the road. The emergency services rushed to the scene and administered first aid. Paramedics were able to revive the woman and she was taken to the Erasmus Hospital in Anderlecht where she died of her injuries.

It is still unclear as to the exact circumstances surrounding the accident. However, a police spokeswoman told Bruzz that it is possible that the car driver didn’t see the cyclist as a tram was at the tram stop.

A road traffic accident investigation expert has been appointed. The driver of the car is a 21-year-old woman. She will be questioned later about the accident. 

A dangerous crossroads

Local residents have long complained about the dangerous situation at the crossroads of the Berkendaelstraat and the Albertaan. Dimitri Notte, whose Children attend the nearby Berkendael European School wrote to the Brussels Transport Agency Brussel Mobiliteit about the situation at the crossroads earlier this month. 

He told Bruzz that as a pedestrian he has also almost been hit by a car there several times. He says that parked cars and equipment placed there by the public transport company MIVB mean that the crossroads is a blind spot for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. He made a number of suggestions that he believes would improve things. His letter was sent on 3 February. 

The Brussels Transport Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Flemish green) says that she will now look into measures to try and improve road safety at the crossroads. She also expressed her sympathy to the relatives of the cyclist that died.


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