“There’s an absolute need to remain highly cautious”

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) has spoken of an absolute requirement to be extremely cautious.  The Belgian leader was speaking against the backdrop of a chorus of calls for people to be offered the prospect of a return to normal life.

Flanked by virologist Steven Van Gucht and biostatistician Niels Hens Mr De Croo indicated that Belgium was reaching a point at which the danger of a third wave would diminish strongly.

Sciensano head Van Gucht offered an overview of the present state of the pandemic, while Niels Hens provided comment on models showing how hospitalisations could evolve in the coming weeks and months.

“That point (at which the risk of a third wave diminishes) is not tomorrow or even the day after as appears from the presentations” said Mr De Croo but added “It isn’t that far off either.”

The Belgian premier spoke of his wish to offer the prospect of a way out of the pandemic based on science and fact.  On Friday the consultative committee grouping Belgium’s six governments with their nine ministers charged with health policy will meet to consider the state of play with regard to corona measures.

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