“With relaxations from May we can keep it under control”

Flanked by Belgian PM Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) biostatistician Prof Niel Hens unveiled several models showing how the pandemic could evolve in Belgian hospitals given the growing number of people who will be vaccinated and the progress of the Kent variant of coronavirus.

The models show what could happen in the event of relaxations starting 1 March, 1 April or 1 May.  As may be expected the later relaxations kick in, the happier the situation this country will find itself in as far as the pandemic is concerned.

Relaxations on 1 March are not an option.  Starting to relax on 1 May means there will only be a limited increase in hospitalisations. 

Prof Hens indicated that big relaxations starting 1 April will have a negative impact on hospitalisations the size of which will depend on the contagious nature of the Kent variant. “This impact is something we must take into account” he added.

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