A third of those invited fail to present for vaccination

It’s been a weird weekend at the vaccination centre in Veurne (West Flanders) where a third of the people invited to come and get vaccinated didn’t respond.  Vaccines were reserved for front line care workers, doctors, dentists and ambulatory care nurses.

Invites went out to 200 of these people who are in daily contact with patients last Wednesday but 70 failed to respond.  An Mouton is the centre’s leader: “We set time aside to process these people when there’s a no show, it’s a waste of our time.  Fortunately an awful lot of people on the reserve list were able to call by.”

70 people either didn’t respond or failed to cancel.

“Maybe it was too short notice” says Mouton.  “Or it’s the holidays, but people must let us know they are not coming.”

The Veurne centre is now launching its own call centre.

“If we haven’t received word the day before the planned vaccination, people will receive a call.”

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