2,000 to trial CureVac corona vaccine in Belgium

2,000 people in Belgium have registered to test the new CureVac corona vaccine.  The vaccine is undergoing Phase 3 trials, the last phase before it can be put forward for approval.  The tests in Belgium will help to collect information on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

In all 32,000 people worldwide, in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Argentina and Peru, have volunteered to take part in these trials and be vaccinated using CureVac. 

Belgium has already ordered 2.9 million doses of this vaccine.  In Belgium the trials are being supervised by vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme of Antwerp University.  “Phases 1 and 2 have shown the vaccine is safe and does not have side effects” says Kristel Knops of prevention service Mensura.  “Now we wish to collect a large amount of data to allow the vaccine to go to market”.

“CureVac will decide when sufficient data have been collected.  Hopefully that will be the case in May”.

Like Pfizer CureVac needs to be stored at extremely low temperatures – below -70°C.  Two doses will be administered four weeks apart.

After the vaccination people taking part in the trials will undergo five physical examinations and will also receive follow-up on the phone.  A smartphone app must be filled in at regular times to report any Covid complaints.  The follow-up process will last one year.

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