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“Strictly no vaccine shopping!”

People in Belgium responding to an invitation to be vaccinated against coronavirus will see which type of vaccine they are getting when they register: Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca.  Dirk Ramaekers, the head of the vaccine taskforce insists this won’t lead to ‘vaccine shopping’: “At no point will people be able to choose which vaccine hey get” he says.

“At present it’s virtually only AstraZeneca that is being administered.  It’s a very good vaccine.  Research in Scotland has shown that just like Pfizer this vaccine cuts hospitalisations.  Among over-65s there is clearly also an impact” says Prof Ramaekers.

The taskforce head has no fears people will cancel and hang about waiting for a different vaccine.

“What happened in Veurne, where a third of people – health professionals - invited to get vaccinated, failed to show, nobody can get their head around that. Maybe there was an administrative error.”

In care homes and among care professionals uptake has been high. 

“When people who are not directly in contact with Covid are approached we will have to invest in communication and motivation. That’s self-evident and it’s what we will do!”

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