“Why isn’t the EU standing up to vaccine producers?”

Flemish health minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat) has slated the unpredictability of vaccine producers AstraZeneca and Moderna.  “It’s a gigantic problem as we try to make vaccination centres operational, but also for hospitals and care homes for people with disabilities” Mr Beke told lawmakers.

“It’s a particularly regrettable matter that AstraZeneca and Moderna are failing to provide stability in supplies.  The only corrections are downwards”.

Mr Beke listed the sorry tale of cancellations in vaccine supplies.  This week AstraZeneca will only be delivering 88,800 of the 114,716 doses promised.

“AstraZeneca told us last night that for the umpteenth time they would be cutting supplies in coming weeks”.

Supplies promised for 3 March are being cut from 90,161 to 21,600.  Extra doses will be delivered on 7 March.

Pfizer is delivering to schedule.

Moderna was supposed to deliver on 15 February.  This was first postponed to 22 February.  Now they promise 26,100 doses on 25 February.

Mr Beke says he simply can’t understand why the EU isn’t standing up to the producers.

The health minister announced that starting the week of 22 March over 65s would start to be invited to vaccination centres.  Seniors in sheltered accommodation will get priority.

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